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What We Do.

We purchase your obsolete, excess and slow-moving inventory to free up valuable space in your warehouse and on your balance sheet.

Surplus metal is our business.

Surplus Metals Corporation purchases all types of steel and metal. We buy ferrous and nonferrous metals but our focus is on carbon coils. We purchase carbon steel primarily, stainless steel, stainless steel coils, aluminum, aluminized, galvanized, galvannealed, electrogalvanized, motorlam and alloy material. While we primarily buy flat roll material (master coils, narrow coils, sheets, blanks and plate), we also buy tubing and pipe, structural (including wide flange, carbon angles, channel, sheet pile, purlins, racking and bars). We will buy any material that is deemed prime, excess, aged, obsolete, nonprime/secondary, damaged, etc. We have the capability and the trucks to buy and move millions of pounds of steel at a time quickly.

Some of the steel defects that we are accustomed to buying include but are not limited to:

  • Rust on Carbon Steel

  • White Rust on Galvanized Steel

  • Roller Marks on Steel Coils/ Sheets

  • Line Stops

  • Bare Spots on Galvanized/Coated Steel

  • Edge Wave

  • Buckle

  • Dross on Galvanized Strip

  • Pinchers

  • Chemistry Issues

  • Coil Breaks/ Edge Breaks

  • Collapsed Coil

  • Edge Damage

  • Friction Gouges

  • Pin Holes

  • Pits

  • Reel Kink

  • Ridges

  • Coating Sags

  • Sawtooth Edge

  • Scratches

  • Sticker Marks

  • Telescoping Coil

  • Zinc Issues

Typically, our vendors contact us with a list of available inventories. After negotiating a price for the steel, we will send a Purchase Order and our logistics team will make arrangements for our freight carrier to pick up the material. Once the material is loaded and the weight is verified, we are invoiced, and payment is made. Although we always pay our vendors promptly, cash-in-advance is always an option should you need that. There is no maximum amount that we will buy – we have the financial capacity to buy thousands of tons of steel immediately.

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