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Steel trucking claims are a large part of our business in the purchase of secondary steel. Coils and sheets that come off the truck are sometimes even too far gone for us. Typically when the ID collapses from a fall and there’s no way to get it up onto the machine spool the coil should be considered scrap.

Untarped steel coils or sheets are another story as water damage is not an issue for some of our jobs. We are happy to take a look at those steel items with water damage or road rash. We will purchase whole truckloads at a time as long as there is some material that can be salvaged. The easiest way is to email us and include pictures, a BOL, a description of the damage and any mill certificates that may be available. We can work on pricing and logistics and are happy to work with you should you be able to provide a quote from your trucking company.

Steel insurance claims are another aspect of our steel purchasing department and we work with a handful of large steel insurers that know who to call when they need fast answers and a likely resolution.

Accidents Happen and “it fell off a truck” doesn’t just apply to hot electronics anymore! Surplus buys trucking claims and insurance claims too. No need to settle for scrap metal prices. Give us a call or reach out here and we’d be happy to help.