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The steel furniture sector in American manufacturing is booming! The steel office furniture sector includes companies involved in the manufacturing, distribution and retail of office furniture. These include but are not limited to steel filing cabinets, steel lockers, steel desks, steel chair assemblies, Steel bookcases and general steel cabinets. The demand within the industry is dependent on the overall standing of the economy, as well as employment rates, business developments, expansions, and overall operations.

The profitability of this specific industry is dependent on the efficient merchandising and marketing strategies. Smaller firms try to develop specialty furniture with a high quality of workmanship to be able to sell their products for a luxury price. The revenue created by specific companies is dependent on volume due to various costs being very static. We are an active buyer in this space and welcome any inquiries regarding selling surplus steel, selling surplus stainless steel or selling surplus aluminum coils, sheets and dropcuts.

Steel furniture stacked and ready to build

Steel chair bases dipped and ready to build

Finding steel in your furniture is easy. Whatever you’re reading this from has steel in it. your couch, your desk chair, your recliner, your bed – even your beanbag. These all have steel. Some utilize it more than others but the fact remains that without steel our homes and offices would be highly uncomfortable.

Here are just a few companies that make and steel furniture in the USA Careful craftsmanship in steel furniture Gritty and industrial without being cold. Steel furniture that really works

Torrans Manufacturing Company Retro Lawn furniture, coolers, tables and gliders

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Steel furniture Made in the USA
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