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We buy galvanized steel as it pertains to solar/renewable energy source field. So much steel and aluminum goes into the creation, stabilization and long term usage of renewable energy sources such as solar energy, wind turbines and solar water heating. The roof guards and racking for solar panels you see commonly on residential roofs and in solar farms are commonly made of Galvanized Steel racking or Aluminum Channels. Sometimes a combination of both working in unison. Solar post ground mounts, sun tracking rack units, field racking and pitched photovoltaic stents are all constructed of steel and aluminum for longevity, strength and durability. Surplus Metals Corp is a buyer of galvanized steel and a buyer of aluminum excess as it pertains to the solar/renewable energy source field. We are happy to be in a support position to a robust industry with its roots in steel and energy.

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Solar/Renewable Energy
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