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Commercial and industrial metal standing seam roofs have been around for a long time. Residential customers are now seeing the benefits of metal roofing as well. You cannot beat the durability, price or custom look of a standing seam metal roof. The same goes for metal siding, metal gutters and metal downspouts. Standard typical material for these types of applications are as follows:

  • 24 Gauge Galvalume Sheets
  • 26 Gauge Galvalume Sheets
  • 29 Gauge Galvalume Sheets
  • 26 Gauge Galvanized Sheets
  • 29 Gauge Galvanized Sheets
  • 24 Gauge Galvalume Coils
  • 26 Gauge Galvalume Coils
  • 29 Gauge Galvalume Coils
  • 26 Gauge Galvanized Coils
  • 29 Gauge Galvanized Coils
  • 5v Crimp Panels
  • Met-Tile Painted steel coils
  • Secondary Galvalume Coils in Various Gauges, Obsolete Galvanized
  • Secondary Galvanized Coils in various Gauges, Obsolete Galvalume
  • Wash Coat coils, Primer Steel Coils, Paint defect coils

Not just for metal carports anymore the durability and pleasing aesthetic of metal roofs and siding can’t be denied. Painted galvalume coils are available in standard and specialty colors and Surplus Metals buys excess painted coils, obsolete painted coils and secondary painted coils. It doesn’t matter if the painted coils are used galvanized coils or used galvalume coils we will purchase them as long as there is a truckload available.

Some of the coils we have purchased recently are even distressed metal coils made to look weathered, rusty or even reclaimed wood steel coils. The possibilities are endless and we are excited for what the future is to bring for our metal roof customers and partners.

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