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Considerably cheaper and faster than conventional residential construction methods steel in residential construction has made a huge impact on homes and businesses as well in the past 20 years. Metal buildings from small garages to a new home are a viable and available option in new construction. Structural steel studs and steel framing once banished to open floor plan pole buildings and outbuildings are now the preferred choices for cost savings and durability.

Structural Studs can be comprised of:

  • Steel thickness of 12 gauge, 14 gauge, 16 gauge, 18 gauge and 20 gauge
  • Coating weights of Galvanized G40, Galvanized G60 or Galvanized G90
  • 50ksi Steel

Residential Construction·

Open Web truss roof girders

  • Flush mount Secondary Framing
  • Steel Studs
  • Exterior steel sheeting
  • Steel Trim

Affordable, low-maintenance and completely customizable, pre-engineered steel residences have exploded in popularity in recent years. If you are on the hunt for a primary residence, a space that combines living and workspace, or a way to add grandma or grandpa to your property while still allowing him or her privacy, a steel home may fit the bill.

Because they are so much faster and easier to erect than wooden homes, pre-engineered steel buildings come with significantly lower construction costs than alternatives. They also don’t fade, warp or crack over time like wooden buildings often do, leading to improved aesthetics and lower costs of maintenance and ownership over the life of the building.

If you are a builder or supplier of fabricated steel buildings and homes you may find yourself in possession of excess steel. Surplus metals Corp is happy to support the residential steel industry by providing a resource to sell painted steel coils, sell galvanized coils, sell galvalume coils, sell purlins, sell painted panels and sell painted sheets. Contact us today!

Residential Construction Steel
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